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From the back of the book:

As a nanny, Millicent Fairweather poured her energy and talents into the two young charges under her care – only to have them suddenly and without explanation sent to a boarding schoool. Bereft and unsure of where life will lead her, she agrees to accompany her sister and brother-in-law to America. They board the Opportunity confident a better life awaits.

Widower Daniel Clark determines to begin life anew in Gooding, Texas, operating a mercantile. But when his nanny leaves him stranded aboard the ship with his young son, he finds himself in dire need of assistance. Obtaining temporary help from steerage, Daniel is initially taken aback by the pretty bundle of energy who takes over his suite. Yet, Miss Fairweather’s unique child-rearing techniques and tireless devotion to his son soon win him over.

When tragedy ensues and a whirlwind decision is made, Daniel and Millicent’s lives irrevocably intertwine. Will love soon follow?

My two cents worth:

I always enjoy reading Cathy Marie Hake because along with the delightful narratives and historical nuggets, are endearing and genuine characters. This story is no different. Millicent’s character is funny, sincere, and has enough of an edge to her to keep her going amidst the difficult situations of her life. Her ‘sweetness’ easily wins over Daniel Clark’s heart, but neither one of them are prepared for the wedding forced upon them by tragic circumstances.

Not only does the story have romance, but humor, adventure, and a surprising mystery near the end. I wasn’t expecting that 🙂

This books still can’t compare with my favorite one by Cathy Hake. Forevermore is still my #1 pick, but it’s a delightful read. My only objection is the shocking lack of kisses – only one. I think after all the pent up tension, I could have used at least one more 🙂

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  1. Rae Byuel

    Great Review! I have to agree Forevermore is a GR8 book!! I loved it! Whirlwind has been on my ‘wish list’ for as long as it’s been in the CBD cataloge! I can’t wait to read it! Since reading your blog, I think I’ll make another trip to my Library to find some books! Can’t wait to read some more of your reviews!R.Byuelhttp://c-romance.blogspot.com


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