First Flight!

by | Aug 17, 2008 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

Okay, so it’s a picture of an airplane. What’s the big deal, right? Well, as a matter of fact, it’s the picture out the window of my first plane ride. Shocking, I know. I’m 30 something and I’d never been on an airplane until May 27, 2008….destination = England!
I’ve wanted to go to England ever since I was nine years old and read Jane Eyre, which was my first introduction in British literature. It was love at first…read.
Now, I’m a Bronte, Austen, Eliot…etc, etc. fan and these are the tales of my first trip to England. I say first, because I’m an eternal optimist and believe I will have another opportunity to cross the Big Pond to see the lovely land of my ancestors…..sigh. Next time, i’d like to get a glimpse of Scotland too. Anyway, here is the introduction to my trip to England.


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