Ten Thousand Charms

Gloria had finally hit a snag in her life of prostitution….pregnancy, so she flees to find help from someone who will ‘get rid’ of her problem. But her plans turn against her, and she is left to give birth to a little boy who touches her heart in a way she never thought she could be touched…on the inside.

John William’s past of violence and bloodshed sent him into the unknown wilderness with his wife and unborn child, but when his wife dies after giving birth to his daughter, he’s desperate to find help from anyone.

These two individuals come together for one purpose….Gloria will nurse his daughter, and he will raise her son. When she’s finished nursing the two children, she can return to her former life and leave the two children with John William. It seems like a simple solution, but God has bigger plans in store for both of them and a love that will draw Gloria to Himself.

This debut novel by Allison Pittman is a heartwrenching and heart warming yarn of the grace of God and a love that never lets us go. Despite pasts as filthy as the brothel in which Gloria lives, God seeks her out and brings her into a realization of the dreams He’s planned for her.

This book is rich in detail with poignant reality, my only reservation is the end….and I’m hoping there’s a sequel because I was sorely disappointed with the ambiguity of the ending. My heart was still aching over the trauma near the end of the book and it needed a little more hope to end the tale.

If you enjoyed Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love, you will enjoy Ten Thousand Charms.


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